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4  pcs/box
Approximate Tile Size :
 600 x 600 mm ( 24" X 24" )

Tired of boring floors and outdated backsplashes? Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of Eleganza's 24x24 Ceppo Next Light Gray Matte Porcelain Tile. This versatile tile, perfect for floors, walls, and even counters, offers a style that catches the eye, as well as superior durability for a look that lasts. Grab a free sample and experience the difference today!

Square Feet: 15.5 Total Price: $33.49
More Information
Collection nameCeppo Next
ColorLight Gray
Number of PCS / Box4
SQFT / Box15.5
SQM / Box 1.44
Thickness10mm ( 3/8" )
Weight / box / lbs69.75
Weight / box / kg30.86

The 24x24 Ceppo Next Light Gray Matte Porcelain Tile is a meticulously crafted flooring solution designed for durability and aesthetic appeal. Constructed from high-quality porcelain material, this tile ensures resilience and longevity in various applications. With precise dimensions of 24x24 inches, it provides a seamless and uniform surface when installed.

The edges of the tile are expertly finished, contributing to a polished and refined appearance. The matte finish offers a non-reflective surface that minimizes glare and enhances the overall visual appeal. The light gray color of the tile aligns with contemporary design preferences, providing a neutral yet stylish foundation for diverse interior and exterior spaces.

Hailing from the esteemed brand Eleganza, the 24x24 Ceppo Next Light Gray Matte Porcelain Tile is part of the Ceppo Next collection, showcasing the brand's commitment to quality and innovation. Its versatile applications include countertops, exterior installations, flooring, with the ability to withstand freezing conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of environments. The tile is also well-suited for walls and backsplashes, offering a cohesive design solution for entire spaces.

In conclusion, the 24x24 Ceppo Next Light Gray Matte Porcelain Tile is a testament to Eleganza's commitment to quality, durability, and aesthetic excellence. For professionals and homeowners alike seeking a superior flooring solution, this tile stands as a prime choice. Grab a free sample now. Get yours online.

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