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2  pcs/box
Approximate Tile Size :
 600 x 1200 mm ( 24" X 48" )

Redefine your space with Eleganza's 24x48 Lathic Lappato White Porcelain Tile. This tile offers timeless finesse with its white tone, along with effortless cleaning and lasting wear for high-traffic areas. Get a free sample and experience the difference!

Square Feet: 15.5 Total Price: $42.48
More Information
Collection nameLathic
Number of PCS / Box2
SQFT / Box15.5
SQM / Box 1.44
Thickness10mm ( 3/8" )
Weight / box / lbs69.75
Weight / box / kg30.86

The 24x48 Lathic Lappato White Porcelain Tile by Eleganza is a versatile tile suitable for various residential and commercial applications. This tile boasts a beautiful lappato finish and a classic white color, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a bright and elegant aesthetic. Additionally, its porcelain composition offers a range of technical properties that ensure durability and ease of maintenance.

Each tile measures 24 inches by 48 inches and is crafted from high-density porcelain. Porcelain is known for its exceptional strength, low water absorption rate, and dimensional stability, making it superior to natural stone or ceramic tiles in terms of durability and resistance to warping or cracking.

The Lathic Lappato tile features a lappato finish. Lappato is a partially polished finish that offers a subtle variation in sheen, creating a visually interesting surface. The tile's white color provides a timeless and clean aesthetic that complements a wide range of design styles.

With its versatility and impressive technical properties, the 24x48 Lathic Lappato White Porcelain Tile is a compelling choice for various applications; one of which is on residential and commercial floors; because the said tile is ideal for high-traffic areas due to its durability and slip resistance. The low water absorption rate and easy maintenance make it perfect for shower surrounds as well. Moreover, this tile creates a bright and elegant look in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, and commercial spaces.

Eleganza’s 24x48 Lathic Lappato White Porcelain Tile offers a unique combination of aesthetics, durability, and functionality. It is a perfect choice for homeowners, designers, and architects seeking a high-quality and versatile tile for their residential or commercial projects. Grab a free sample now!

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