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Proxy Grey Xterior Paver

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Daltile-Proxy Grey Xterior Paver-16X48-Porcelain-13/16
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1  pcs/box
Approximate Tile Size :
 400 X 1200 mm ( 16" X 48" )

Transform your outdoor space with the stunning 16x48 Proxy Grey Xterior Paver Wood-look Porcelain Tile. Order now and elevate your outdoor space to the next level!

Square Feet: 5.16 Total Price: $73.68
More Information
Collection nameCommissary
Number of PCS / Box1
SQFT / Box5.16
SQM / Box 0.48
Water absorption< 0.5%
Weight / box / lbs24.25
Weight / box / kg10.73

Transform your living spaces with the 16x48 Proxy Grey Xterior Paver Wood-look Porcelain Tile – a revolutionary solution designed to alleviate the common pains associated with flooring choices. Crafted from high-quality porcelain, this large-format tile not only adds a touch of sophistication but also addresses the need for a durable and versatile flooring option.

Say goodbye to the limitations of standard tile sizes. The 16x48 dimensions of this tile open up a realm of design possibilities, providing a seamless, spacious look that effortlessly ties your room together. The pain of dealing with small, fragmented tiles is a thing of the past – embrace the elegance of large-format tiling.

The textured finish of the Proxy Grey Xterior Paver Tile elevates your space, adding depth and character to every step. Whether you're envisioning a cozy interior oasis or an outdoor haven, this tile from the Commissary collection by Daltile offers endless design flexibility. The grey wood-look design brings a timeless aesthetic, marrying modern style with the warmth of natural elements.

California-born and bred, this porcelain tile promises not just style but substance. The robust material ensures longevity, making it an ideal choice for various applications. Dry & Level for your interior floors, Wet & Level for a stunning wetroom or exterior project – this tile adapts to your vision, offering a cohesive look throughout your home.

Embrace the freedom to use the Proxy Grey Xterior Paver on countertops, walls, backsplashes, and more. The Commissary collection by Daltile has redefined the standards of beauty and functionality, delivering a product that stands as a testament to innovation and quality.

Revolutionize your home with the 16x48 Proxy Grey Xterior Paver Wood-look Porcelain Tile – where pain points dissolve, and design dreams come to life. Elevate your space, embrace the beauty of large-format tiling, and let Daltile redefine the way you experience your home.

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