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Calacatta Marble Rectangle Linear

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5  pcs/box
Approximate Tile Size :
 300 X 600 mm ( 12" X 24" )

Revamp your walls with Daltile's 12x24 Calacatta Marble Rectangle Linear Porcelain Tile, a product from the RevoTile - Marble Look collection. This tile captures the classic white and grey veins of Calacatta marble. Grab a free sample now and experience difference online!

Square Feet: 9.6 Total Price: $64.24
More Information
Collection nameRevoTile - Marble Look
Number of PCS / Box5
SQFT / Box9.6
SQM / Box 0.89
Thickness10mm ( 3/8" )
Weight / box / lbs43.2
Weight / box / kg19.12

The 12x24 Calacatta Marble Rectangle Linear Porcelain Tile, a product of Daltile's RevoTile - Marble Look collection is crafted from high-quality porcelain material which inherits the visual appeal of Calacatta marble while offering enhanced durability and resilience suitable for various applications. With dimensions of 12x24 inches, it provides a versatile size ideal for walls, backsplashes, and countertops.

The polished finish of this tile accentuates its resemblance to natural marble. Moreover, its pristine white color with subtle veining patterns mimics the timeless elegance of Calacatta marble, adding a touch of opulence to interior spaces. This design versatility allows for seamless integration into a wide range of design schemes, from classic to contemporary.

As for the tile's finish, its polished surface not only enhances its visual appeal but also offers easy maintenance, making it suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Designed specifically for walls and countertops, this tile caters to the demands of modern interiors, offering a combination of style and functionality. Its resistance to stains, scratches, and moisture ensures long-lasting beauty and performance, even in high-traffic areas.

For those seeking to experience the design possibilities of Daltile's 12x24 Calacatta Marble Rectangle Linear Porcelain Tile, a free sample is available online. Don't miss the opportunity, grab your free sample now!

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