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Emotion Wood Brown

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$77.30 /box
6  pcs/box
Approximate Tile Size :
 200 x 1200 mm ( 8" X 48" )

Transform your home with Emotion Wood Porcelain Tile from Eleganza, evoking the tranquility of meadows and forests. This durable porcelain tile, with a realistic wood texture in warm brown tones, is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, floors, and walls.

Square Feet: 15.49 Total Price: $77.3
More Information
Brand Eleganza
Color Brown
Edge Rectified
Material Porcelain
Number of PCS / Box 6
Number of boxes / pallet 28
SQFT / Box 15.49
SQM / Box 1.44
Thickness 10mm ( 3/8" )
Water absorption <.05

Step into the tranquility of nature-inspired spaces with Emotion Wood, where serene meadows and pristine forests shape the essence of this exquisite collection. Immerse yourself in a pristine color palette that conveys relaxation through subtle tones and gentle gradations. This modern wood series is not just a floor covering; it's a harmonious addition to your existing decor, creating an atmosphere of calm sophistication.

Emotion Wood goes beyond aesthetics; its durable porcelain color body ensures a long-lasting application, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial settings. The large 8x48 plank size adds a modern touch and allows for versatile design possibilities. Each plank is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship, embodying the warmth of wood with the resilience of porcelain.

Choose from four contemporary wood hues, each carefully curated to elevate your space. Emotion Wood becomes a canvas for self-expression, blending with diverse decor styles. The installation process is simplified with well-defined recommendations, emphasizing the importance of a properly designed and constructed substructure that adheres to nationally recognized material and construction standards.

Embrace the beauty and practicality of Emotion Wood, where the tranquility of nature meets the endurance of porcelain. Transform your spaces into a haven of relaxation and modern style, guided by a collection that enhances your decor and stands the test of time. Explore the possibilities, immerse yourself in the emotion, and let your floors tell a story of enduring elegance.

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