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Outdoor Floor and Patio Tiles in California

We understand the importance of bringing beauty and functionality to your outdoor spaces that can withstand the unique challenges of the California climate. That’s why our outdoor floor and patio tile collection is designed to deliver the best of both worlds.

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Premium Outdoor Tiles Engineered for Style and Resilience

Imagine creating a beautiful, lasting outdoor space perfect for accommodating heavy foot traffic and unforgiving weather changes such as rain, summer heat, and frost. If you’re tired of your old, worn-out patio or garage, give it a fresh look with our outdoor porcelain tiles that you can rely on.

Producing such a type of outdoor tile takes dedication to the craft. And the process requires science, expertise, and proven experience to engineer style and resilience. But we harmonized everything with our outdoor floor and patio tiles. That’s why we’ve always been considered the go-to destination for all tiling needs.

From Patios to Porches, Our Outdoor Tiles Bring Luxury to Every Corner

Dream of creating a seamless outdoor haven - a relaxing backyard patio, a vibrant balcony escape, or a stunning poolside path. Our extensive range of outdoor porcelain tiles goes beyond labels. Find the perfect fit for every surface, from floors and walls to kitchens and showers. Imagine:

• Soaking up the sun on a durable, stylish patio that endures the elements.
• Grilling with friends on a slip-resistant porch that adds warmth and character.
• Showering under the stars in a spa-like oasis created with our beautiful shower tiles.

With our versatile collection, the possibilities are endless. Transform your outdoor space into your luxurious retreat, made for lasting memories.

Stay Safe, Stay Stylish

Safety and style go hand in hand with our non-slip outdoor tiles. Say goodbye to slippery surfaces and hello to peace of mind as you enjoy your outdoor spaces. Our non-slip patio tiles, porch tiles, and contemporary floor tiles ensure you can navigate your outdoor area confidently, regardless of weather conditions. With frost-proof options, slip-resistant finishes, and contemporary designs, our collection combines functionality with flair, making safety look stylish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the best tiles to use outdoors?

For outdoor tiles, consider slate for a high-end look with durability, porcelain for strength and resistance to stains and frost, quarry for a rustic feel, and terracotta for a warm, traditional vibe, each offering unique benefits depending on your climate and style preferences.

What do you put under outdoor tiles?

Depending on the surface, you may need a suitable underlayment or adhesive to ensure proper installation and longevity.

How do you stick outdoor tiles to concrete?

Start by cleaning the concrete surface thoroughly and allowing it to dry completely. Then, apply a suitable outdoor tile adhesive or mortar to the concrete using a trowel, ensuring even coverage. Press the tiles firmly into the adhesive, using spacers to maintain consistent spacing between tiles. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions before grouting the tiles to secure them in place.

Do outdoor tiles need sealing?

While some tiles may benefit from sealing for added protection, our collection includes low-maintenance options ready to withstand outdoor elements.

How thick should outdoor tiles be?

Outdoor tiles typically range in thickness from 8mm to 20mm, depending on factors such as the type of tile, the intended use, and the substrate; for most outdoor applications, including patios, porches, and pathways, tiles with 10mm to 12mm are commonly used. However, in areas with heavier foot traffic or where additional strength is required, thicker tiles up to 20mm may be preferred.

Ready to Redefine Outdoor Living? Explore Our Collection Today

Explore our collection of premium outdoor tiles and discover the endless possibilities for redefining your California outdoor living experience. With our collection, the only limit is your imagination. Browse today and take the first step towards crafting your California dream escape.