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South Beach Straight Joint

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22  pcs/box
Approximate Tile Size :
 300 x 300 mm ( 12" x 12" )

Revitalize your bathroom wall with Daltile's South Beach Glass Tile. Experience coastal bliss on your kitchen, walls, and pool linings. Redefine luxury today with Otile and City Lights Collection.

Square Feet: 20.74 Total Price: $699.19
More Information
Collection nameCity Lights
Number of PCS / Box22
SQFT / Box20.74
SQM / Box 1.93
Thickness3mm (1/8")
Weight / box / lbs97.48
Weight / box / kg43.13

Transform your living spaces into coastal retreats with the South Beach Straight Joint Glass Tile from Daltile's exquisite City Lights Collection. If you're tired of boring kitchen or bathroom walls, this tile offers a compelling solution, bringing the beauty of the beach into your home.

Crafted from premium material, these 12x12 tiles promise aesthetic appeal and durability that stand the test of time. The vivid green glass finish adds a touch of nature and tranquility, addressing the pain point of uninspiring surroundings.

Say goodbye to dull and ordinary floors as these tiles provide a refreshing solution for dry and level interior floors and wet and level spaces, including walls, backsplashes, and even pool linings. The versatility of this tile is unmatched, allowing you to extend the soothing coastal vibe throughout your home.

Originating from California, the South Beach Tile encapsulates the essence of coastal living. The unique green glass finish enhances the aesthetic appeal and reflects coastal landscapes' refreshing and calming qualities. You're not just buying a tile but investing in an experience, a daily retreat to serenity within your space.

Daltile, a trusted brand, ensures that every tile in the City Lights Collection meets the highest standards. The straight joint design makes installation seamless, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your space. With these tiles, you're not just upgrading your floors; you're enhancing the ambiance of your entire home.

Whether you dream of a beach-inspired kitchen backsplash, a vibrant living room floor, or a luxurious pool lining, the South Beach Tile is your key to realizing those dreams. Embrace the City Lights Collection and let your home narrate a story of coastal sophistication.

Bring the coastal charm into your life today—order the South Beach Straight Joint Glass Tile and infuse your surroundings with the allure of the beach. Elevate your home to new heights with Daltile's commitment to quality and style.

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