New Kitchen Backsplash Idea

Choosing the right tile will make your kitchen more comfortable. Beauty in the kitchen environment affects the whole atmosphere of the house. Because of the importance of this issue, you need to know how to choose a suitable tile.

The beauty of your kitchen depends on your choice of kitchen backsplash. The tiles you choose should be suitable and beautiful. Therefore, if you want to make your kitchen modern, or you are tired of the old decoration style, your only solution is to choose your tiles with open eyes.

8 golden tips for choosing kitchen backsplash


1.     Choose the geometric shape of the tile appropriately.


There are different types of kitchen backsplash. Each type is suitable for a specific type of wall and kitchen. For example, if there are broken corners in your wall, it is better to use polygonal tiles. Even consider using polygonal tiles as a decoration tip.

You can easily find the right geometric shape for your kitchen wall by spending a little time and using the advice of our experts. If you are hesitant about this choice, you can use the same common square and rectangular tiles. These tiles never get old and are suitable for any wall.


2.     Identify the appropriate color palette.


If you cannot choose the right color palette for your kitchen backsplash, you are halfway wrong. A suitable color palette is not necessary for colors to be harmonious, but sometimes multi-colored tiles are also a good choice.

It is better to create a specific theme and a suitable color harmony for the floor and between the cabinets and even the color of the cabinets. In this way, the kitchen will look pleasant and tidy.

If you want to go for a more fashionable choice, it is better to use neutral and natural colors. These colors are much trendier these days. However, do not limit yourself to these choices. Bold colors for kitchen backsplash can give a special look to your kitchen too.

3.     Do not be afraid to use different combinations.


Using several types of kitchen backsplash not only makes it beautiful but also is economically viable. For example, you may decide to use an expensive luxury stone model. It will be expensive to cover the whole wall with that stone. However, if you combine that stone with a cheaper model, you will both reduce costs economically and have a beautiful combination.

These days, combined decoration styles are very trendy. Combining different models of a kitchen backsplash or different materials, along with combining specific colors, will create a unique atmosphere in your kitchen.


4.     Do not forget to measure before choosing a Kitchen backsplash.


Before buying your desired tile, you must measure your space in the kitchen. Decoration secrets are indeed important in choosing a suitable tile, but if they are not technically appropriate, beauty will no longer be worth it.

Try to open the door to mathematics in the pre-purchase process. Measure the length and width of the wall so you can calculate the number of tiles you want. Try to choose a tile model that you do not need to break or cut to make it fit. This is possible only with correct calculations.


5.     Pay attention to the tile installation process.


Sometimes you are so distracted with other aspects of choosing a tile that you forget to consider the installation process as well. Different kitchen backsplash has different installation process depending on their material, size, and model. Some tiles are more difficult to install due to their sensitivity so they are more troublesome.

If you decide to install the tile yourself and you are not familiar with the process, choose an easy tile to install. In addition, if you are financially limited, you should know that the process of installing some tiles is more expensive than other ones.

6.      Consider the specifications of your kitchen.


If you have a large kitchen, it is better to use a bright kitchen backsplash. This will make the kitchen look clean and tidy. Also, if you have a small kitchen, try not to use tiles with crowded designs so you won't darken the kitchen. In general, you should buy kitchen tiles according to the size of your kitchen.

In large kitchens or kitchens with high ceilings, the complete tiling of a wall can ruin the look and be costly. In these cases, we place the tiles to a certain height. If you use a darker color than the rest of the wall for it, this can help reduce the ceiling line and make the kitchen more intimate.

Apart from the size of the kitchen, your cabinets are also important. There is nothing more important in the kitchen than matching the cabinet and the tile. If your cabinets are light, use a dark kitchen backsplash and vice versa. Choosing the right color opens up the kitchen environment.


7.     Try to identify your style well.


Would you like your kitchen to match the overall style of your home? Are you looking to use this method to create a different style in the kitchen environment? These are the questions to ask yourself before buying. Although you place these tiles in small spaces between cabinets, their impact on identifying the style of the kitchen is greater than you think.

If you have a modern and minimalist style of decoration, it is better to look for simple and minimalist models so that the kitchen backsplash will help to complete the beauty of your decoration style. If your kitchen is rustic in style, simple brick tiles that evoke a rustic style are made for you.


8.     Choose cabinet top and kitchen tiles in harmony with each other.


Your cabinet top is near the kitchen backsplash, so make sure they match in model and color. If your cabinet top is colored, it is better to choose simple tiles with neutral colors. You are free to choose the geometric shape of the tiles. In addition, you can use shaped tiles such as rhombus or hexagonal tiles to compensate for the neutrality of the colors.

If your cabinet top is simple and with a neutral color, balance this neutrality with the color and design of the inter-cabinet tiles to have a space with harmony. If you want to have colored tiles and cabinet tops, make sure they are both in the same color range and match each other.

Why you should consider these tips?

All information provided to you above is only for your convenience. It is not necessary to follow these tips because many of them may not be in line with your taste and you may be limited by using them. However, it is a professional suggestion to try to use most of these points. The following reasons support this view:

  • By using these points, you can upgrade the beauty level of your kitchen with the least energy and cost. These tips are often simple tips that can even save you money in some cases. Choosing the right one will prevent possible regrets and possible replacements.

  • Having an up-to-date and beautiful Kitchen backsplash affects your mood. The kitchen is an environment that is directly related to the main area of the house. For this reason, the beauty of the kitchen is as important as the beauty of the other parts of the house.

Tiles in the kitchen environment are the most important factor. You do not have many options in the kitchen to show your taste. So use all your taste in choosing tiles.

  • Try to choose the best tile so that it will keep your kitchen up to date for a long time. In the world of decoration, new ideas enter the field every day. There is a standard and general framework that you need to keep up with it. Applying this framework and standard principles in the work process will only benefit you.

  • In addition, apart from the beauty, using the above points will help you choose a standard Kitchen backsplash. Tiles are not only for beauty but also for cleaning and protecting the wall.


Final word


Each of these points is essential in choosing a kitchen backsplash. Ignoring these points will not make your kitchen unusable but will rob off its beauty and modernity. Therefore, consider them in the process of decorating your kitchen.

 If you are still hesitant about choosing the right tile despite being aware of these 8 points, you can contact our experts. Our expert will guide you toward buying the perfect match. We try to provide the best for you so that you do not regret your choice. Also, if you are interested in buying the best kitchen backsplash, reach us through our Online store at