Advantages of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tiles have a special place in home decoration, especially in the kitchen. The use of colored glass tiles on the kitchen wall and ceramic and glass tiles between cabinets give a very different look to the kitchen. In general, glass tiles are one of the most popular building materials; They are used in interior and exterior decoration design and even in the manufacture of various items. Now to know everything about these glass tiles.


What are glass mosaic tiles?

Glass Mosaic Tiles, as the name implies, are tiles made of glass. The small pieces of glass tiles are connected with a fiberglass mesh and are placed inside the mold behind the mesh in different sizes and colors. Therefore, it can be said that glass tile is a new product and material in the construction industry and interior decoration design, especially in kitchen and cabinet decoration design. In other words, glass and ceramic tiles can be called a new generation of wall coverings available in the market, which have become very popular. You can see different glass mosaic tile design on Otile online store.

Uses glass Mosaic Tiles in the kitchen

Glass-ceramic tiles are more commonly known in the market as inter-cabinet tiles and kitchen glass tiles. Unfortunately, this is due to the lack of information from the sellers, who actually believe that this product is only advertised and sold as an inter-cabinet or inter-cabinet tile. This belief is wrong, and glass tiles have many uses. In this article, we want to deal with the use of glass mosaic tiles.

Colored glass tiles between cabinets

One of the main uses of colored glass tiles is in our inter-cabinet space, which is why it is known as inter-cabinet glass tile. Installation of glass tiles between cabinets is done after accurate measurement of the space between cabinets with meters and laser level (even if modeling is necessary) and mapping of embedding such as switches, sockets, gas detectors, towel dryers, and safety glass. And then laminating and done with special glue in place.

Suitable substrate for installing colored glass mosaic tiles between cabinets should be smooth and do not require a polished surface. Pores up to 3 miles are not a problem. The stained glass between cabinets is often installed on the surface of tiles, ceramics, plaster, and MDF.

 Glass mosaic tiles for home decoration

As we said above; This type of building material is more commonly known as kitchen glass tiles and inter-cabinet glass tiles. But we must say that glass tiles have many uses in home decoration and kitchen decor. Glass tile is an ideal option for the wall behind the sink. Because it gives a special beauty to the kitchen space, it is easier to clean it for a space like a wall behind the dishwasher, which is constantly sprayed with water and gets dirty. Glass mosaic tiles are also used as flooring and kitchen baseboards.

Glass tile behind the dishwasher

What makes it beautiful and special?  As mentioned above, the use of glass tiles is an ideal option for the wall behind the sink. Because it gives a special beauty to the kitchen space, it is easier to clean it for a space like a wall behind the dishwasher.

Advantages of using glass tiles for flooring

  • The use of ceramic and glass tiles for kitchen flooring definitely gives the house an attractive and spectacular design.

  • Glass tiles because of their sex; They are very resistant to stains; Consequently, cleaning kitchen glass tiles as flooring is very simple.

  • Glass mosaic tiles with a shiny and luminous appearance that gives the kitchen environment; can help light up the space.

  • Due to the benefit of its various designs and colors, it can be matched to any taste.

  • Kitchen glass tiles are very easy to install, and it does not require much skill and experience.

  • Kitchen glass floor tiles are waterproof and have high fire resistance.

If we talk about the disadvantages of glass tile, we can only name three. 

Disadvantages of glass tiles can be mentioned only three. The first disadvantage of glass tile is its high cost. The second disadvantage is that it takes a long time to install and does not have any resistance to scratches and sharp blows. So if you want to use glass tile as a floor, you have to be very careful about its third defect. We suggest that you consider all aspects before buying glass mosaic tiles.


Is the use of glass tiles only in the kitchen?

No, of course, glass tiles and this attractive material are used in addition to the kitchen in other places that want to give it a luxury look. Here are the most common ones:

Luxury toilets and bathrooms with glass tiles

Today, it is used in bathrooms and baths completely or in combination with glass, ceramic, and stone tiles. In fact, because the variety of glass mosaic tiles is very great. Its use has become very important in designing the decor of luxury bathrooms. You just have to have an idea and artistic genius to easily imagine or arrange what you want in your mind.

Beautify the splendor of the pool and jacuzzi with glass tiles One of the materials that have recently been widely used in swimming pools, saunas, and Jacuzzis, as well as massage parlors; is the same ceramic and glass tile. Because the use of clear glass mosaic tiles underwater greatly doubles the appearance of the environment. Therefore, in the possibility of luxury and personal environments, to increase the splendor and beauty of the environment, glass tiles can be used in the swimming pool and sauna. Consumption of glass tiles in the lobby of luxury commercial and residential buildings

Glass tiles can be very useful and effective in spaces such as lobbies of residential complexes and hotels, provided that cleverly and very professionally chose the colors and designs of the tiles. If the color harmony of the space used is in proportion to the glass mosaic tiles, we will have luxurious and pleasant space, whether it is a commercial space or a residential space.

How to make and produce tiles, glass mosaics

Glass and ceramic tiles, which are better known among their manufacturers as glass mosaic tiles, have a high sensitivity in production. In its construction, it is done with the direct intervention of manpower, in such a way that first the glass is cut to the desired size and after heat treatment, it is turned into crystal pieces (crystal mosaic), and after applying ceramic paints, it is baked at high temperature. It is sorted, arranged, and packed.

The price of glass tile and its sales center

The price of glass tile varies according to its dimensions and size. Also, the design and color of the glass tile affect its price. It is noteworthy that glass tile or the same glass tile is produced in dimensions and sizes of 5 by 5 cm to 60 by 60 cm or smaller and larger. The price of glass mosaic tiles varies depending on their dimensions and size.

Important points when using glass tiles in the kitchen

  • It is almost possible to break all types of tiles, but glass tiles are less prone to damage because they are placed vertically. A heavy tool such as a mixer and blender may slip out of your hands and hit them, in which case the tiles are likely to break but very little.

  • You can use the glossy and ceramic tiles of the subway together. You do not always have to use glass mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles are very popular, especially when the wall behind the kitchen stove is covered with these tiles. But not all glass tiles are mosaics.

  • You can find glass tiles in many sizes, from very small to large. Consider a size that fits snugly against your wall. For ease of use, use tiles that have room to install.

  • Glass tiles are installed in two ways. You can use glass mosaic tiles with mesh and those without mesh. To install tiles that have a special grid, you need to place the tiles inside the grid so that the tiles are evenly distributed on the wall and give the wall a uniform appearance. In contrast, lace-free tiles take longer to install. The good news about these tiles is that you have other choices of color and design, and you no longer need to buy solid tiles.

  • You can use tiles made from recycled glass; these tiles are a good option to be used in the biological and recycled chain. These glass mosaic tiles give your kitchen space a special identity that is not found in other tiles, and this is a smart idea for your kitchen.

  • Give your kitchen a permanent look with glass tiles and use strong adhesives in their installation. You cannot change your mind after a few days and put other tiles on the main wall of the kitchen unless you want to start all over again.

  • Once you have defined your plan and idea, first try to place the glass mosaic tiles on a table to see what colors and designs match.

  • If your kitchen decor is monochrome, a faded or combination wall cabinet will enhance the look of your kitchen.

  • If the main wall behind your stove has a lot of space, you can use a variety of tile designs as wall coverings while avoiding clutter. For example, you can use once you have defined your plan and idea, first try to place the glass mosaic tiles on a table to see what colors and designs match.

  • With copper foil and create a border that extends a few inches into the main layer of the wall. Check the variety of Glass mosaic tiles on the Otile online store.