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Cyclade Rectangle Undulated

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4.59  pcs/box
Approximate Tile Size :
 100 X 300 mm (4" x 12')

Tired of flat bathroom walls? Create a captivating underwater vibe with Daltile's Cyclade Rectangle Undulated Subway Tile. These glossy, 4x12 dark green tiles boast a unique wave-like texture, adding a touch of luxury to your shower or backsplash. Grab a free sample and see the difference texture makes. Get yours online today!

Square Feet: 10.64 Total Price: $48.84
More Information
Collection nameMythology
ColorDark Green
Number of PCS / Box4.59
SQFT / Box10.64
SQM / Box 0.99
Thickness8mm ( 5/16" )
Weight / box / lbs42.56
Weight / box / kg10.64

Daltile’s Cyclade Rectangle Undulated Subway Tile, part of the Mythology collection, offers a unique textural element for various wall and backsplash applications. This tile is crafted from porcelain, a highly durable and low-maintenance ceramic material known for its resistance to water, stains, and scratches. Each rectangular tile measures 4 inches wide by 12 inches long and features a glossy finish that reflects light and enhances the visual depth of the installed tilework.

The defining characteristic of the Cyclade Undulated Subway Tile lies in its surface profile. Unlike standard flat subway tiles, this design incorporates a subtle wave-like texture across the face of the tile. This undulation adds a touch of dimension and visual interest, mimicking the movement of water and creating a captivating aesthetic, particularly when installed in larger expanses. It is important to note that the undulation is a slight variation, not a deep sculpting, ensuring a smooth and easily cleanable surface.

While primarily intended for wall and backsplash applications in residential and commercial settings, the Cyclade Undulated Subway Tile’s porcelain composition and glossy finish also make it suitable for submerged environments, including pool linings. Its low water absorption rate and inherent strength contribute to its suitability in these wet areas.

To fully appreciate the textural qualities and visual impact of the Cyclade Undulated Subway Tile, Daltile offers a free sample program. Visit their website to acquire a sample and experience the unique aesthetics this tile can bring to your next project.

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