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Customer Service

Presentation and Pricing of the products:

Product descriptions

      1.         We offer free samples that you can be aware of product color, texture, pattern, …. And make sure this is what you really like before you order.

      2. ltd is not responsible for any kind of mistakes on the site and it has the right to change information, prices, provisions and descriptions for any products and at any time and without announcement. It also does not warranty that a product description on the Site is correct, comprehensive, consistent, recent or flawless.

      3. ltd tries to correctly present the colour, texture and detail of products on the site but it provides no promise that the colour, texture or detail you see, matches that of the product. Some inconsistencies may happen because of your monitor and the presentation settings or capabilities of the monitor.


  1. The price for a product on the site, signifies the full retail price for the product as set by ltd and/or the producer or provider of that product which is based on a standard industry practice or estimated retail value for a similar product presented elsewhere. For certain items offered as a collection, the price may represent the cumulative or estimated retail price for each of the items in the set.

Worth mentioning is that the price does not consist of shipping and handling charges, customs, duties or any taxes associating to your order.

Any comparison price quote on the site is either the price set by the producer or seller to ltd for the product, or maybe in some cases it is based on a comparative review of the price of a similar product being sold at typical department stores in marketplaces. Because the price for a given product may vary frequently, the comparison price quoted may not always denote the real price listed by retailers or department stores every day or even in every community. For worldwide sales, the comparison price is founded on what such items would be sold at in the US market. Nothing can substitute your own comparison shopping and we suggest you conduct your own individual search as well.

You acknowledge that insertion of a piece in a cart on the site does not reserve the price for the product presented at that time. It is possible the price of the item in your cart may change to a higher or lower price during the time you place it in your cart and the time you buy it. ltd is not responsible to fulfill an order for a product that was publicized with an incorrect price. If an error is revealed in case of price, ltd will inform you as soon as is reasonably possible. You will be recommended the correct price and provided the opportunity to order the product at the correct price using a separate transaction. If you have already paid for that product with the incorrect price, ltd will repay the full amount to you.

Order Processing

Your reception of an order approval, does not denote ltd’s acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute approval of ltd’s offer to sell. All orders are accepted in the USA. ltd reserves the right at any time after reception of your order to decline, reject or withdraw it for any reasonable reason including unavailability of products, failure to fulfill payment terms, product pricing mistakes, restraints or preventions on the sale or use of products, if ltd determines, in its exclusive discretion, your order is made for commercial resale purposes, and/or any breach by you of these Terms of Sale. If payment has been settled for the purchase and ltd cancels your order, ltd shall immediately issue a reimbursement no greater than the amount remitted for the unaccepted or cancelled order.

Custom Orders

Some of the products you order from ltd may be designed on the Site or on the ltd quote or invoice for the product as routine order products and/or customized by ltd and/or its suppliers if you wish. ltd requires payment of one hundred percent of the Custom Order cost before a Custom Order will be recognized and an invoice for such order will be issued. The Custom Orders may not be accessible from third party market sellers.

Worth noting is that once an invoice for a Custom Order has been delivered, the Custom Order cannot be altered or annulled and is non-refundable.

There is no guaranteed delivery time for Custom Orders. All the delivery lead times for Custom Orders are estimations.

If you do not accept delivery of a Custom Order within thirty days of the first delivery attempt by ltd and/or its delivery agent, the charges for the storage will be charged to you. If You do not accept delivery of a Custom Order within sixty days from the First Delivery Attempt, the Custom Order will become the possession of ltd or the supplier, as applicable.

Container Orders

Products can be ordered from ltd by the container. You can only place a Container Order by getting in touch with ltd customer service representative by telephone or email at Order lead times for Container Orders may significantly differ depending on the product ordered and final delivery location. ltd requires payment of fifty percent of the Container Order cost when the Container Order is placed. The remaining fifty percent of the Container Order cost is required when you are provided the Inspection Report by ltd for your consent and notified by ltd that the Container Order is ready to ship. Container Orders may not be accessible from third party marketplace sellers.

Delivery of Container Order must be set with a ltd customer service representatives as the delivery options may alter according to the types of products and the delivery setting. All other terms relating to delivery will apply to Container Orders.

For any Container Orders placed, you will be the importer of record, in charge for compliance with all requirements of an importer of records, responsible for contracting for your own customs negotiator, and responsible for the payment of all brokerage and customs charges, taxes, and related costs accompanying the Container Order.

Container Orders that are also Custom Orders are subject to those payment terms which are described in Section 3(a) above.

Modifications and Withdrawals

Order modifications

You may request a modification to an order, excluding a Custom Order and Container Orders, under an invoice if such order modification requirements:

  • may be subject to extra charges;
  • may lead to changes to the cost of shipping, management and delivery of the order;
  • may cause a suspension in the order delivery;
  • must be delivered by you to [email protected]  and
  • must be received and recognized by ltd preceding the delivery or pick-up of the Order consistent with these Terms of Sale.

Order Withdrawal

  • You may withdraw an order, apart from Custom Orders and Container Orders, at any time preceding the delivery, depending on these Terms of Sale.
  • Withdrawal requests must be sent by email by you and received and approved by ltd at: [email protected] preceding the delivery or pick-up of the order consistent with these Terms of Sale.

Payment Terms

  1. 1.     Terms of payment are within ltd’s exclusive discretion and unless otherwise agreed to in writing by ltd, payment must be received or otherwise authorized or protected in a form approved by ltd preceding the ltd’s acceptance of an order.
  2. 2.     You must pay for the order by an approved credit card, wire transfer, electronic funds transfer, or some other preset payment approaches agreed to by ltd in writing.
  3. 3.     Invoices are due and payable by the payment date(s) stated through electronic authorization between ltd and you.
  4. 4. ltd may invoice parts of an order independently.
  5. 5.     Orders are not binding upon ltd until accepted by ltd.
  6. 6.     Any citations given by ltd will be legal for the period stated on the citation. ltd reserves the right to modify or withdraw citations if needed.

Shipping and Delivery

General ltd offers universal delivery based on your Shipping Address. According to the size, content, and restrictions relating to an order some limitations may be applied. Obviously, shipping is not available to post office boxes.

Address for Delivery ltd will deliver your order, through its logistics or delivery representative(s), to the shipping address you provide at the time of purchase and shown on the invoice.


  • Any delivery dates provided by ltd is only estimations and prone to change. ltd does not guarantee the date or time of the delivery.
  • The actual date of delivery of your order will depend on a number of issues including the size and contents of your order and delivery method and option(s) selected and available during the processing of your order.

Delivery Options

Standard Delivery


Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by ltd and subject to these Terms of Sale, all deliveries of your order will be to the street curb-side of the Shipping Address only. You will be in charge for moving the contents of your order from the street curb-side of the Shipping Address into your home or business

Customer Deposit

Due to the length, size and weight of some products as well as the location of the Shipping Address, curb-side delivery may not be accessible. In such cases you will be required to deposit or assist the deposit of your order from the delivery truck or pick the order up in line with the “Pick-up Option” set out in these Terms of Sale. Curb-side Delivery and Customer Deposit are collectively defined for the purposes of these Terms of Sale as “Standard Delivery.” Supplementary information regarding the above noted delivery options can be reached at: [email protected]