Advantages of Laminated Marble tile

High Strength:

The strengths of retractility, twist and cutting meet with national standard. The combination with tile weakened the fragility, its natural feature of marble, which ensures the strength of anti-pression and preserves the high-grade flatness if it is a bit large in its area.

Light Weight:

This kind of material is lighter than normal marble with the same size, it reduces the whole building's load and save the cost of transportation

Easy way of installation:

It is very convenient to install and to maintain just same installation procedure of tile. It also can be used as a dry hanging structure, saving the cost and time of construction.

Easy color collection:

2cm thick natural marble slabs which can be divided into 4pcs of 3mm thin tiles. Total 4pcs of tile are in the same color and veins which can be book matched.

Waterproof and Anti-stain

With strong porcelain backing, plus with the thin adhesive on marble surface, which keeps water and stains away from tiles.

Max loading, saving cost of transportation/shipment.

The weight is only 60% of natural marble, which greatly reduce the transport and transportation cost.

Environment- Friendly

Superior marble is natural and non-renewable scarce resource. We reserve the marble's natural veins and unique beauty and solves the problem of scarce resource through compositing marble tiles and ceramic tiles.