Marmocer Innovators


Marmocer established in 2003. We pride ourselves in being a leader in the modern stone

industry providing sustainable design solutions for architects and designers.

We are pioneers in producing design enhanced marble tiles which stand in a category of their own. This process offers architects and designers options previously unattainable without a substantial budget.

We own and have access to the finest quarries in the world. We select top grade marble from

Italy, Spain, Greece, Turkey and Indonesia to name a few. With our breakthrough innovation we are creating a new category in the stone industry where we believe, Less and More!


We only use the best raw materials available from the quarries, where pieces are cut into the pre-determined sizes needed for production.

The marble is then adhered to porcelain with a special resin. The patented process is treated with heat, pressure and time to establish the bond between marble and porcelain.

The entire process travels through five levels of inspection to ensure a quality and upscale product.

The result - a product that is two to four times stronger than traditional marble.


Why not consider a dramatic design element for your next client project? Our pre-designed enhanced marble tiles not only lend help to your vision but will benefit your clients’ budget!


Less headaches and more design options! Gone are the complications of employing a traditional

fabricator to bring custom design patterns to life for your clients. Each of our stylized pieces are carefully designed in pre-cut patterns, using nature’s palette of colors to allow flexibility and create a unique space. Let us help you invest in your vision for your clients!


Our motto is Technology in Stone! Simply explained, by using less natural resources from the earth we deliver a product with more durability and longevity than traditional marble. The reinforcement of the natural marble with porcelain, strengthens its body, ultimately making it more impervious to staining from the bottom substrate up.


We recognize the standard difficulties architects and designers face when selecting marble for their projects. From breakage during transportation to cracking caused by settling, the challenges are sometimes endless. Marmocer’s innovative process provides reinforced marble that allows the beauty of our enhanced marble tile to shine, while presenting you with a product that will last a lifetime.


We take great pride in our ability to provide the world with eco-friendly, technologically advanced marble tiles and believe it is important to point out the benefits of using Marmocer enhanced marble.

Design Freedom

Marble design should not be restricted to the shape and size of the marble tiles. Marmocer’s Design Tiles create images that transcend individual pieces of marble to create designs limited only by the space you are working with. Traditional, contemporary, or any style in between - Marmocer changes the way you think about using marble in a space you are creating.

Superior Technology

Marmocer’s patented process allows us to supply authentic marble tiles with a porcelain back that insures two to four times the breaking strength of traditional marble pieces. We use less

of the natural resource and our technology provides greater quality control over our products. Regardless of where the marble originates in the world, our tiles are all processed exactly the

same way so you can mix and match marbles from around the world in the same installation.

Strength in Numbers

There are several additional benefits from our patented process.

  • Our patented process uses less marble to cover a space.
  • During installation,traditional marble requires the purchase of 10 to 15 % additional material to account for breakage. Marmocer averages 1 to 3%.
  • Marmocer’s enhanced marble is 30 to 50% lighter in weight than traditional marble.
  • Our Design Tile floors can be installed for about 1/10th the cost of traditional full body fabricated design floors.