Marble Mosaic Tile Cleaning

How to Clean Marble Mosaic Tiles on Floors, Shower and Countertops

Though they are beautiful and elegant, marble mosaic tiles are weaker than granite or porcelain and because of this, keeping them clean appears to be a serious struggle. Cleaning marble tiles, on the other hand, could be a snap provided you pick the correct tools and procedures to employ.

How to Clean Marble Mosaic Tiles

Marble tiles are a great choice for floors, shower and countertops. But, remember that if you don't spend enough time maintaining marble mosaic tiles, they won't remain as beautiful as the time you bought them. You may install your marble tiles in a variety of locations, each of which necessitates its own cleaning technique.

Cleaning Marble Countertops

First, carefully clean the area. Clear the countertops of any debris, dirt, or hair. Fill a spray bottle halfway with lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of detergent. Simply spray the whole room with the detergent. Afterward, wipe and dry the area using a dry and clean rag.

Cleaning Marble Mosaic Tiles in the Shower

First, carefully clean the shower.  Eliminate any dirt, debris, or loose trash from the shower's walls and flooring. Fill a spray bottle halfway with lukewarm water and 1 tablespoon of detergent. Spray the whole shower with the spray. Next, dry the area using a clean and dry cloth.

Cleaning Marble Floorings

First of all, you have to use a mop to brush away all the dirt or debris from the marble tile flooring. After that, in a big container, mix 1 Tablespoons Soap and 1 liter lukewarm water together. Add a few drops of this mixture to the floor in small splashes and clean with a damp mop. Use the damp mop to give the area a once-over with fresh water. Lastly, use a clean cloth to dry the marble mosaic tiles by hand.

Marble Mosaic Tiles Cleaning Musts and Must-nots

If you want to keep your marble mosaic tiles always clean and tidy and spotless, there are certain things you must and you must not do. Followings are some of the most important marble mosaic tiles cleaning musts and must-nots:


  • Surfaces should be cleaned with a light pH neutral dish soap or a professionally made marble tile cleaner.
  • Using a soft towel, mop the floors on a regular basis. After each usage, wash the towel thoroughly.
  • Take care of marble countertops, shower and wall surroundings, particularly when putting wet glassware or bottles out for an extended period of time. Water stains are easily shaped on marble tiles.
  • Non-slip carpets or rugs should be used to guard flooring.
  • Vacuum or brush marble floorings on a regular basis to clean all the debris, tiny pebbles, or dust that may harm the tiles.
  • Use a thoroughly clean cloth to wipe off marble floorings after showering and any other time they get wet.
  • After cleaning, completely rinse and dry the area with clean, fresh water.
  • Spills should be blotted quickly rather than wiped.


  • Combine bleach with ammonia to produce a deadly and fatal gas.
  • Use lemon juice, vinegar, or other acidic or harsh chemical-containing cleansers.
  • Unless the guidelines clearly state otherwise, do not mix chemicals together.
  • When using metal or plastic vacuum cleaner accessories, keep the vacuum cleaner's wheels in mind. They could harm the tiles if they have become damaged or harsh.
  • On marble areas, you must not use commercial bathroom cleansers, grout cleansers, and tub and tile cleaning products.