How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tiles With a Wet Saw

How to Cut Glass Mosaic Tiles With a Wet Saw

Glass mosaic tiles are one of the beautiful choices for tiling any room, but they are easily broken during installation. While glass tile are normally resilient, when they're not cut properly, they might break or shatter or at least get chipped before you can even install them. If you want to learn how to cut glass mosaic tiles properly, be with us to the end of this post, as we are going to explain one of the methods of cutting glass tiles.

What are the usual DIY methods to cut glass mosaic tiles?

Installing glass mosaic tiles is not a very hard job. Typically, minimal hard work is required for the project. However, cutting glass tiles may be difficult due to the material's tendency to shatter. You wonder what is the best method for cutting glass mosaic tiles? Well, it depends on the nature of the job as well as the type of glass tile you're using. There are generally 5 DIY methods to cut glass tiles:

  1. Cutting glass tiles using a wet saw
  2. Cutting glass tiles by score & snap method
  3. Cutting glass tiles using a diamond blade
  4. Cutting glass tiles using a manual tile cutter
  5. Cutting glass tiles by nipping them

In this post we are going to explore the first method mentioned above: cutting glass tiles using a wet saw.

What You’ll Need to Cut Glass Mosaics Tiles with a Wet Saw

  • The wet saw
  • A pair of latex gloves (Water will quickly soak leather or fabric gloves.)
  • Cloth
  • An erasable marker

How to Cut Glass Mosaics Tiles with a Wet Saw

Using a wet saw is particularly useful if you're going to tile a big area that needs numerous straight cuts, and it's a quick way to get clean edges and decreasing the chance of breaking the glass mosaic tiles. While the blade cuts through the tile, the saw emits a continuous spray of water, that reduces friction and cools the area, and results in a somoother cut with less damage.

  1. Use an erasable marker to mark your cutting

First, measure the tiles that are going to be cut then draw cutting lines on their surface with an erasable marker. After you've finished cutting the tiles, you can simply wipe away all leftover marking lines with a tidy, damp cloth.

  1. Turn on the wet saw

After measuring the tiles, it’s time to put on your latex gloves and start the wet saw. Allow it to orkw for about twenty seconds, so the water comepletely flows all over the saw blade.

  1. Cut the tiles with the wet saw gently and precisely

Position the glass tiles with the wet saw's cutting guide and gently cut along the cutting lines you drew before. Move the tiles steadily through the saw, so they move away from you with gentle but consistent pressure until you cut through all of them. After finishing the cuts, turn off the wet saw and erase any lingering traces of the marker using a damp rag.